How to Ignore Certain Posts in Link Whisper

Want to ignore links, certain posts or categories in Link Whisper so they never get suggested as related posts? In this guide I will show you a smarter way to do.

​If you have been involved with SEO for a while, you know how important internal links can be to boosting your rankings. Google values links, even those from your own site.​ ​However, building proper internal links can be time-consuming depending on the size of your site and how many new articles you write.​

What if building 10 new internal links was as simple as checking a few boxes? What if these links were not only easy to build but were also smart links (meaning the anchor text varies and comes from relevant articles)?

Well, Link Whisper WordPress plugin makes building internal links both faster and smarter.

How to ignore links, certain posts or categories so they never get suggested as links?

First of all, I hope that you are enjoying using Link Whisper so far. I wanted to provide a quick tip today that might help Link Whisper become even “smarter” as you use it on your website.

As you know, Link Whisper finds related posts to what you are writing and then suggests them as an internal link opportunity. However, sometimes the suggestions aren’t always what you want. I know in my case; I sometimes have 5 or 6 articles that mention the same keyword phrase (for whatever reason) and it can be difficult for Link Whisper to determine which is the best link to suggest.

If you are like me, you are really only trying to rank 1 of those articles for the primary keyword (even though all of them might mention the keyword in their title). So, as a human, you know which article you want to rank and build internal links to.

However, it can be difficult for software tool to understand…unless you tell it!

So, how do you tell Link Whisper to stop suggestions links that you don’t want to see? Well, it’s quite simple.

You just click the “Ignore Link” next to a link suggestion that you don’t want to see suggested anymore and Link Whisper will never suggest that as a link again!

ignore certain posts links

Over time, you can fine tune which links are being ignored so that the links that are suggested have a much higher “hit” rate.

Check out this video to see exactly how to ignore links:

In fact, you can ignore an entire category if you want. In my case I don’t want to build any links to my “podcasts” category, so I’ve simply told Link Whisper to never suggest links to that category and now I don’t have to worry about that.

Oh, and you can of course “undo” any ignore links that you’ve added in your settings page.

I hope you enjoy using this quick tip. Check out my previous article here.

4 thoughts on “How to Ignore Certain Posts in Link Whisper”

  1. Link whisper is an amazing internal linking plugin previously I have been using normal one were we need to specify the keyword to link on any post. Spencer has done a really great job on creating this tool I have been using this one for past 3 months found some awesome result and found some improvements on my rankings.

  2. Great information in this post.

    I listen to Spencer’s podcast all the time and that has made me aware of Link Whisper. I do not use Link Whisper yet as I am still focusing on creating more content, but I can already see why it is essential to have a tool like Link Whisper as your content list grows overtime.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I listen to nice pursuit podcast regularly and Spencer has explained all the results that you can get using that plugin and it is amazing


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